Our Story

Devi means goddess in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Devi products blend Indian artisanal traditions of creating beautiful textiles into modern everyday luxuries. Experience your inner goddess today!

Our Inspiration

Devi is a culmination of a 10-year journey that took us from San Francisco to Jaipur via Bali. It's based on a love of traveling, textiles, and a fascination with the world that surrounds us. We wanted to curate products that embrace the ancient artisanal methods of creation while integrating the aesthetics of modern everyday wear. The goal is to elevate an everyday experience to a luxurious sensory one while supporting artisans, embracing traditional practices, and staying true to our sustainability commitments.

Providing Joy

Our goal is to create products that are unique and enhance the daily lives of our customers. We are meticulous with our designs to ensure that they are size inclusive and flattering for all body types. We use the highest quality fabrics to bring a delightful sensory experience to our clothing. All our products are easy to use and fit seamlessly into a busy lifestyle. Our skincare offer delightful scents that will make anyone feel like a goddess.

Generating Positive Karma

Beyond Fair Trade

We provide living wages which are typically twice as much as fair trade wages to all our artisans

Sustainable Materials

We use sustainable fabrics and ingredients that return to the earth with as small a trace as possible

Small Batches

We produce our clothes in small batches to minimize the excess inventory heading to landfills